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As a parent, I have a great experience at Life Autism Center. I am completely satisfied with my child’s overall progress. Their main attraction is the communication with the children, the training methods and the positive attitude towards the parents. I wish a better future for the Life Center for Autism and Child Development.

Sujith K Z

Life Center for Autism and Child Development is the best autism center in Kottayam. At the Life Autism Center, they conduct individual sessions in the presence of parents ,We can see how they train our child and make changes. I am happy with my child’s progress, their approach and training.

A good center with professional training. They treat children with care and affection and train them in what they need.
I am happy with my child’s progress and changes. I recommend the Life Center for Autism to everyone.

Amrutha R

Life Center for Autism is a new center and the fees are low. It is a great institution with very well trained therapists and good management and in a few month my son has made a good improvement.
In my experience I would recommend the Life Center for Autism to everyone.

Vidhya Nair

Reji Thomas

A great center for children with autism and all other developmental delays, Supportive teaching staff, reasonable fees and safe environment.

Life Center for autism  has personal reasons for best training at the lowest rates. I strongly recommend this institution.

Jeena Jose

I strongly recommend. Focused on individual attention and evidence based practice. Wish you all the best

Life Centre for Autism and child development is a good center with well trained and hard working staffs. They give best training and progress to our child.
I would like to suggest life autism centre to everyone.

Sindhi Rethish

My grandson is autistic; we have been going to the Life Autism Center for the last 1.5 years,  now my grandson has made a lot of progress.
I am really grateful to the Life Autism Center for making him enough to go to school. I suggest this center to any one with special needs children because
In Life Center the fee is low, gives good training and care

Asha Johnson

Roshni Nath

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